Our Research

AMSA Med Ed research aims to encourage medical student engagement in medical research, improve medical student education regarding research and actively engage in research that aims improve understanding of issues pertaining to medical students.

The research branch involves three separate teams which proactively engage in medical research and research education. Our enthusiastic teams include our research resources teams, who create in-depth and insightful factsheet across various difficult topics regarding medical research, our research teams, who actively aims to investigate and provide insight into current issues within the medical student cohort, and our medical symposium team, who work effortlessly in organising and constructing our research symposium, an interactive educational forum that develops useful research skills for medical students.

Current Research Projects

Mental health and suicidal ideation amongst Australian medical students

Explores the impact and effectuation of mental health on Australian medical students, assessing medical student opinions regarding mental health and exploring its consequences and mitigating strategies.

Research Coordinator: Annora Kumar

Racism, bullying and sexual harassment within medical student placements/medical school journey

Explores the prevalence of racism, bullying and harassment in medical schools, its experiences and future choices to mitigate discrimination.

Research Coordinator: Karan Varshney

Perceptions of Integration During Clinical Placement

Explores medical student experiences of integration on clinical placement and identifies factors that affect student experiences of integration.

Research Coordinator: Shanika Palawaththa

Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Students

Explores the various impacts, including educational, personal and institutional impacts, that the COVID19 pandemic has had on medical students and medical student education.

Research Coordinator: Lawrence Lin

Student perspective regarding renumerated medical student positions in Australian hospitals

Explores the perspective of medical students regarding the new paid employed role of renumerated medical student positions, aimed at final year medical students, including its impacts on benefit/impacting clinical placement and perspective on its viability in the future.

Research Coordinator: Faizah Alam and Prageeth Gamage

Burnout among medical students

Explores prevalence of burnout, including senses of emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation and poor perspective of personal accomplishment, and further investigates both adaptive and maladaptive coping strategies.

Research Coordinator: Sankalpa Gamage