About Us

We are part of the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA), which is the peak representative body for all medical students in Australia. AMSA Medical Education (Med Ed) is one of AMSA’s initiative groups founded in 2016 to improve medical education within Australia.

We are a large committee of 70+ dedicated team members with multiple branches dedicated to achieving our goals of improving medical education. Our largest branch is our resources team. We produce free, peer-reviewed, open-access education resources. We have:

Our research branch enables students to undertake research on medical education in Australia. Med Ed Research provides the AMSA Advocacy Team with invaluable data, while providing students with research skills and experience.

We have a strong advocacy focus into the Australian medical curriculum and placement experiences. Our new Student Medical Education Reform Team (SMERT) aims to gather representatives from university medical societies to discuss and share issues regarding teaching and education.

Our podcast Stitched Up showcases common medical conditions in an interesting way with the help of leading medical professionals in their field.

Lastly, we have a dedicated event team that runs both in-person and online events throughout the year that ranges from practice OSCE nights, charity cocktail nights and the annual research crash course. Please join us via one of our many initiatives throughout the year.

Our 2023 Executive Team

Team Structure