AMSA MedEd - Resources

AMSA Med Ed's Resource division provides high-quality, open-access educational resources for medical students in Australia. These include practice OSCEs, practice exam questions without our National Question Bank, and factsheets containing pertinent information about specific conditions. These resources are designed to be interactive and engaging, helping students to succeed in their medical education.

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AMSA MedEd - Podcast

Stitched up is a medical education podcast brought to you by AMSA Med Ed. Stitched up specifically provides a fun and efficient way to target the high yield yet confusing aspects of the curriculum. The podcast also weaves important psychosocial elements into case-based discussions, to build a holistic picture of healthcare issues.

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AMSA MedEd - Research

AMSA Med Ed research aims to encourage medical student engagement in medical research, improve medical student education regarding research and actively engage in research that aims improve understanding of issues pertaining to medical students.

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